EmmiPet Ultrasonic Tooth Brushing

I am so pleased to be able to offer this revolutionary service to clean your dog’s teeth at an affordable cost. Perfect for dogs whose teeth are not so bad that they warrant a vet dental, or for dogs who would not be safe going under anaesthetic. (This is NOT descaling which is legally classed as a vet procedure.)

The Emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is specially made for dogs with no sound or vibration; it is completely safe, non-abrasive, and has a sterilising effect; removing bacteria with modern ultrasound technology in the smallest of spaces and gum pockets.

All dogs will have their own toothbrush head provided with the first visit. The brush head contains a special microchip which emits safe ultrasound up to 12mm deep, so your dog’s teeth will not just appear clean on the outside but also more importantly under the gum line where dental disease can develop.

It may take a few sessions to remove all tartar, plaque & staining, then once this is removed you can reduce the sessions to every other groom or less. This can also be a stand-alone service if you wish, it does not have to be the same day as a groom

I also sell basic tooth brushes, gel and paste, so you can continue a healthy regime at home if your dog allows

This service cannot be provided for a dog who is showing signs of dental disease, inflamed gums or wobbly teeth, in which case a vet visit is strongly recommended.

Some dogs may not tolerate the toothbrush at all, therefore we try the brush in their mouth during a grooming visit to see if booking an appointment is possible.

Your dog deserves healthy, pain-free teeth and gums, & fresher breath

Please ask about booking your course today

FIRST VISIT £25.00 (Includes your dogs own toothbrush head)


(After many visits your toothbrush head may wear with use, and may need replacing at a cost of £10)