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Price is not only based on breed, but also size, type of coat, frequency of grooming, condition of coat & temperament. I may be able to give a price over the phone or by email, but this would be a 'from' price, based on a knot/matt free dog who is co-operative! Sending a current photo via email or phone would be the easiest way for me to give a rough quote.  We need at least 24hrs notice to cancel appointments, to give us enough time to offer the space to a waiting customer. If less than 24hr notice is given, a £10 fee will apply before we are able to book any future appointments.

Anal glands & ear plucking....

The great debate!

Having veterinary nurse experience I am able to 'check' the glands but the internal expression of glands can only be performed by a veterinary surgeon, based on recent guidance from the RCVS. We can however externally express the anal glands on small to medium sized dogs; we would need consent from your vet that they are happy for a lay person to perform this, and that the vet has diagnosed that routine manual emptying of the glands is necessary for your dog.

If your dog requires ear plucking, this will be carried out at each groom. I will not pluck completely bald as this 'can' cause problems. If the ears look or smell infected, ear plucking can then only be performed by a veterinary surgeon, based on recent guidance from the RCVS.

De-matting (brushing out matted coats)

To abide by the Animal Welfare Act 2006 I do not carry out uncomfortable, lengthy de-matting. If your pet has got into a state, please do not hesitate to contact me to sort it out. It is much kinder to perform a shave-down & start again with brushing the coat regularly to prevent it happening again. It only takes a few weeks for a coat to grow back out again. If you dog has been shaved down & is not used to this length, in the winter it is advisable to provide your dog with a jacket for cold walks, & in the summer restrict sun exposure to their skin.


WE ARE A FLEA FREE SALON. This means we do not knowingly allow flea ridden pets into our salon. Pets who are unknowingly presented to us with a flea infestation will incur an extra charge; this is to cover the cost of special flea shampoo, and the use of vet-strength flea room spray for the salon afterwards. We may even have to cancel the next customer due in, so pleasbe mindful of this.

With many flea products it is not recommended to treat your pet with a spot-on for a few hours or days after the bath.

Remember for every flea you see on your pet there could be hundreds of eggs in your house. The environment needs treating in addition to your pets.

TICKS will be removed free of charge during your dogs groom if noticed, unless it is in an impossible place like the ear canal.


I do not stipulate yearly boosters for adult dogs, but puppies cannot be accepted until at least two weeks after the last set of puppy jabs. The current guidelines from the WSAVA and DEFRA state, following the one-year booster after puppy vaccs, yearly full DHPPiL boosters are no longer considered necessary. They have been proven to last up to 7 years, or the lifetime of the dog. Tri-annual titre blood testing will determine if your dogs immunity levels are acceptable.

General health

It is so so important to make your groomer aware of any health or behavioural issues your pet has, for both the groomers & pets safety. The benefit of having a full groom is that a groomer, having done a full nose-to-tail check, might well detect any lumps/bumps which you may not have noticed before, or may have grown bigger or changed. As you see your pet every day, you may not notice a change in their behaviour/demeanour which your groomer could pick up on. Think of your pet's groom as a mini-MOT! I will always relay to you upon pick up, any changes I have found or noticed with your pet during the groom.  And a final note- if your dog is a known biter, or is at risk of biting in unknown situations, it is paramount you inform us of this, so we are able to make sensible decisions regarding the handling & safety of your dog & groomer. If a groomer gets bitten badly on the hand we cannot then work. Please make yourselves aware of the recent changes to the Dangerous Dogs Act and how this law affects you as a responsible dog owner.