Terms and conditions

Your dog's health

Your pets full medical history needs to be disclosed and kept up to date with the groomer. Whether it's a recent skin irritation or a previous limb surgery it is all relevant. This ensures the most comfortable and safe groom for your pet and for the safety of the groomer. We will not be held liable for any irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre existing condition or as a result of grooming or any mishap caused by non-disclosure of the pets medical history.

if your pets health is causing great concern we will obtain immediate veterinary care preferably at your registered vets at your expense.


If your pet bites or attempts to bite, a muzzle may be used, or at the discretion of the groomer, grooming may stop and all work done up to that point will be charged.

Please make yourself aware of your responsibilities as a dog owner and the Dangerous Dogs Act.


If I find a tick I will remove this free of charge. If the location of the tick makes it impossible  (e.g. far down the ear canal) this will be referred to the vet.

If one or two fleas are found these will be removed and killed and the owner notified. If there are lots then we may stop the groom at full cost, and a fee of £5 will be added to flea bomb the salon before the next customer. WE ARE A FLEA FREE SALON.

If other parasites are found like harvest mites or lice we will notify you immediately and take these case by case.


If you fail to collect your pet at an agreed reasonable timeframe, you may be charged for dog sitting. We do not have the facilities here to board dogs, and it may affect the next customers grooming experience so please be mindful of this. As we work mostly one to one we have many dogs visit who do not like other dogs or are scared of them. I never mix customers dogs.

Late cancellations/ no shows

When you book an appointment you are booking our time; if you fail to turn up to the appointment or give less than 24hrs notice to cancel, a £10 fee will be charged before a new one can be made. This is to help cover running costs and partial staff wages and is more than fair. We could have booked another waiting customer in your space but without adequate notice it turns into a loss which we cannot afford as a small independent business.